Training Matters aim to minimise disruption to our services by continuing and developing our delivery using available technology to provide remote support and services. As a team we are able to and well versed in working remotely so will continue to provide all the support we can during this difficult time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if we can help with anything or even if you just want a chat.

  • Management Qualifications

    Be the best you can be...

    Management and leadership skills are crucial in the success of organisations
    from SMEs to large blue chip organisations. It is the one area where many
    managers learn their skills through experience rather than specific training.

  • Procurement Qualifications

    Be the best you can be...

    These innovative procurement programmes have been specifically
    designed to maximise the potential and professionalise
    the role of supply chain managers.

  • Assessor & Verifier Qualifications

    Be the best you can be...

    This programme has been developed by Training Matters in response
    to an identified need to develop the workplace assessors and verifiers
    within their own organisations for the mutual benefits of their own
    development and that of the company.

  • Learning and Development Qualifications

    Be the best you can be...

    The best organisations are those where the learning and development operates
    well at all levels. It is quite simply at the heart of a successful and motivated workforce.

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

    Be the best you can be...

    Delivered in partnership between NSDesign and Training Matters, and has been
    specifically designed to maximise the potential and professionalise the role of
    those involved with digital marketing within organisations.

  • Apprenticeship in Hospitality

    Be the best you can be...

    Apprenticeship in Hospitality, Scotland is a world-class, industry-led
    Hospitality Apprenticeship programme.

  • E-Portfolio

    Be the best you can be...

    Our e-portfolio system encourages online communication between
    candidates encouraging the exchange of good practice between professionals.
    All online programmes are supported by tutorials and coaching.

Who We Are

Training Matters provide quality training, concentrating on the development of the individual and by enabling them to achieve their own potential, we help companies, in turn, to meet their objectives.
We launched our own unique e-learning system over 10 years ago and as such remain ahead of the field in terms of innovation and development. We are very aware of the environment in our business, and with our e-learning system we continue to strive to improve that footprint.
Training Matters are an accredited centre for SQA and ILM qualifications, covering Management, Procurement, Hospitality, Learning & Development and Digital Marketing. 
 Be the best you can be!


Scotland’s Apprentice Network - by Skills Development Scotland

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Training Matters utilise a user-friendly online e-portfolio designed to help us deliver more effective and manageable vocational qualifications.

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