The Assessor programme has been developed by Training Matters in response to an identified need to develop the workplace assessors within their own organisations for the mutual benefits of their own development and that of the company.  Working closely with the organisation training needs will be agreed and the programmes customised to address these needs.

The assessor units are aimed at increasing the quality of assessment provision within the training profession.  Training Matters continually strives to increase quality in all that we do and currently have the only online support system for the assessor  units whereby the candidates can access this web based tool for all their assessment requirements.

Using the structure of the Vocational Qualifications this programme is aimed at ensuring that these assessors have the relevant skills to help them with the development of their own competencies and that of their trainees for whom they have responsibility.

All candidates have access to an online coach as regular personal contact and coaching remain crucial to an individual’s development.

Please get in touch for more information on the Training Matters e-portfolio and course costs.

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