SVQ in Procurement at SCQF Level 6

This innovative Procurement programme has been specifically designed to maximise the potential and professionalise the role of procurement professionals. The blended learning programme offers a methodical approach development, incorporating individual development sessions, online portfolios and support to encourage lateral thinking and creativity.

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) tell you exactly what you have to do in a job to do it well. They are based on national standards which are drawn up by people from industry, commerce and education. This means that if you have an SVQ, then you have a way of proving that you can do your job well, to national standards agreed by whatever industry or commercial sector you are in.

All candidates have access to an online coach as regular personal contact and coaching remain crucial.

The aims of the Procurement Programme are to

  • Develop procurement/management skills, allowing personal development while delivering organisational development
  • To professionalise the role of the supply chain manager
  • Improve skills in activities, resources, people and information management
  • Allow good practice to be cascaded throughout the organisation as work is based on standards devised by the Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply (CIPS)
  • Achieve a nationally recognised professional qualification – Vocational Qualification (VQ)

Every candidate will undertake vocational qualification units. Throughout the qualification the aim is to address the needs and priorities of the organisation as well as the individual’s own personal development, and a full training needs analysis is carried out at the start of the programme.

Please get in touch for more information on the Training Matters e-portfolio and course costs. Support funding may be available via Skills Development Scotland.

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