• Management Qualifications

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    Management and leadership skills are crucial in the success of organisations from SMEs to large blue chip organisations.
    It is the one area where many managers learn their skills through experience rather than specific training.

  • Supply Chain Management Qualifications

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    These innovative procurement management development programmes have been specifically designed
    to maximise the potential and professionalise the role of supply chain managers.

  • Assessor & Verifier Qualifications

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    This programme has been developed by Training Matters in response to an identified need to develop the workplace assessors and verifiers
    within their own organisations for the mutual benefits of their own development and that of the company.

  • Learning and Development Qualifications

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    The best organisations are those where the learning and development operates well at all levels.
    It is quite simply at the heart of a successful and motivated workforce.

  • Customised Training Programmes

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    With our in depth knowledge of our clients we are able to adapt quickly in challenging
    business circumstances and offer customised training programmes.

  • Personality Profiling

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    By using personality profiles as business assessment tools you have the means to motivate, stimulate and
    encourage people in your organisation by raising people's self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • E-Portfolio

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    The blended learning approach offers a methodical approach to learning by utilising an online portfolio support system allowing
    candidates to work at their own pace, at the most convenient time and location for themselves.

Who We Are

We deliver professional and challenging programmes designed to improve business performance and enhance the individual learning experience. All our programmes use e-learning to support blended solutions, ensuring that every programme meets the needs of the individual and the organisation.

We specialise in management and leadership programmes, procurement qualifications, hospitality qualifications, digital marketing awards, personality profiling, assessor and verifier awards, learning and development qualifications and short, customised masterclasses.

We are the best in our field and we want to work with the best in yours.

Our Products

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Training Matters utilise a user-friendly online e-portfolio designed to help us deliver more effective and manageable vocational qualifications.

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Training Matters celebrate their 20th year by looking to the future

Aug 11, 2017

We launched our successful "Back to the Future" programme this year and it sums up what we are all about. We have taken our experience and learning gained over the last 20 years through periods of intense challenge and change, and looked to the future to embrace technology and grow our managers of the future. It also says a lot about the world of work that we are launching our Digital Marketing Diploma this month too. Work has changed dramatically over this time and that change will gather pace over the next 20 years - we will have to be prepared and we like to help people keep a step ahead.


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