Resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year! Just over 2 weeks into 2014 and I wonder how all those New Year resolutions are progressing?

Happy New Year! Just over 2 weeks into 2014 and I wonder how all those New Year resolutions are progressing?

Amongst the usual ones, some of you may have made a professional resolution. To achieve greater things in your job this year, perhaps to change job or become more qualified.

Whatever you have chosen I hope that as January marches onwards you are finding your way to reaching your goals.

Every year I search my brain to try and think of a New Year resolution. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly it certainly is that time of year where we all seem to start afresh. New beginnings, fresh resolve, a surge of energy after a well earned break over the festive season.

Secondly, every year without fail the first question Margo asks me on my return to work is “Well, Audrey, what’s your resolution for this year”. In 2014 I was determined to be prepared.

Over the Christmas and New Year period I was lucky enough to travel to the USA with my family. We truly experienced a melting pot of people and cultures. We mixed with people from a wealth of backgrounds and were fascinated by them all. As for the USA itself, well you will know if you have visited they do everything on a larger scale over there. From food portions to highways to rollercoasters. Most of it I embraced and enjoyed and for the remainder I just sat back and stared in wonder.

Without a doubt my favourite aspect of the American culture is their true love of their own country and people. At the start of any major event over there they make a huge fuss over welcoming visitors from a military or “first responders” background. These individuals are honoured and respected in a way which quite often moved me to tears.

During my stay I heard the American national anthem played on several occasions, each time in a different style. A school choir, and adult ensemble and a female soloist who gave Beyoncé a run for her money. During each of these occasions the audience stood to attention, hands on their hearts and sang along with such pride and respect that you simply could not fail to be impressed. What a wonderful way to show pride for your country and your compatriots.  For me it was an example of what this nation does best.

And so to my resolution for 2014. This year as I travel around and speak to the many people I will deal with this year I intend to observe and ask questions on what people do best. From this I hope to be able to share ideas, practices and innovations.

 At Training Matters our mission for ourselves and for the people we work with is “ to be the best you can be”

We are delighted this year to be working with so many excellent people, many of whom we have been working with for many years now. For others it is a new and exciting journey that we are starting out on and we very much look forward to finding out what you and your business excels at.

So from us all at Training Matters we hope you all have a very successful and prosperous 2014 and if you speak to me this year remember to let me know what you do best…..

Audrey Stewart

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