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How much time, energy and effort do you invest in yourself?

How much time, energy and effort do you invest in yourself?

I bet the answer will be "not enough"! At Training Matters we ensure that the first part of any development programme includes some “me” time where the candidate takes some time sorting out their objectives and how they are going to achieve them. Is the training going to help them achieve their goals? Are their goals up to date, realistic and achievable?  We have found that people who pay attention to their own development needs and spend real time planning their own future are far more likely to succeed. We can give you loads of examples of these success stories and you can read about them (put in social media and website links?)

Given that self-development is absolutely crucial to career and personal success, I thought that it might be useful to share some of the good practice we share with others through our work.

Ten step plan

  1. Allocate a reasonable amount of time to carry out an analysis of your own skills, abilities, talent, aspirations beliefs and qualifications. This is akin to carrying out an audit on yourself.
  2. Find a useful profiling tool to help you see your impact on others
  3.  Use an up to date recording tool to organise this information and also the dates and times you have done this. We have an excellent electronic version and if you want to see it let us know
  4. Ask 2/3 people to give you objective feedback on your skills, abilities and talents. The important thing here is to listen to their constructive feedback
  5. Define your short (6 months to a year), medium (1 year to 5 years) and long term goals and write them down .
  6. Design and develop a plan on how you are going to get there. Plan for contingencies and you are less likely to be thrown off track.
  7. Many of us now read articles on line, are members of professional on line groups and use webinars. Record them, put in action points and reflect. You will see the quality of the events improve and become more effective.
  8. Put in dates and times to reflect on progress against the goals and objectives
  9. Evaluate the plan in light of changes in circumstances at regular intervals
  10. Research, research, research! On yourself and the opportunities surrounding you.

At the end of this process , you will have a working document ( ours are on line)  which is  a live working document  helping you take advantage of  everything open to you.

Someone once said to me that they took out their self development plan each month and polished it, making sure it still reflected what they were all about. That person is one of the most successful people in business I know.

Invest in yourself....because you’re worth it!


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