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We are looking for organisations to work with us to help develop and nurture our future leaders and managers. The programme will develop those young people with the drive and energy who want to help grow the business. They will acquire the knowledge and skills in managing themselves, providing direction, allocating and monitoring the quality of work in their area and managing a project.

The Programme Outline

The participants select a project which is closely aligned to organisational objectives and therefore ROI is built in.

This project must enhance business performance and we build in an on line presentation at the end. The programme will also take advantage of the mentors in the Training Matters network.


Impact on the organisation

Drive measurable improvements throughout the organisation

Implement effective policies and procedures to deliver on priorities, values and principles

Mobilise and inspire people to deliver exceptional results


Impact on the individual

Develop capacity to confidently lead and deliver service and organisational improvement

Enhance ability to effectively plan and implement change

Improve self-awareness and judgment to make them a more confident decision maker

Acquire an improved insight into the challenges across the organization


The programmes give people the knowledge, skills and ability to meet and exceed their objectives by performing in such a way that they are able to achieve results strategically and not only their own area.

Throughout the qualification the aim is to address the needs and priorities of the organisation as well as the individual’s own personal development, and a full training needs analysis is carried out at the start of the programme. 

Line managers have access to feedback throughout the programme to monitor progress.  All candidates will build their portfolio on the web based system which gives the dual benefits of eLearning and ensuring regular feedback. Completion normally takes between 12 and 18 months.


Our On line Portfolio

Training Matters designed and developed Learning Assistant, one of the best on line learning systems available today. The reason we believe it works as well as it does, is that we have not used it at the expense of the personal touch but to enhance it. The participants are allocated their own coach who will help, guide, coach and action plan with them to build their own development programme. They submit their work which is independently assessed and then awarded.

If they are successful, they will achieve an SVQ in management level 3.

What we need from you? To work with us to help this programme meet and exceed the objectives we will set at the beginning. To add your vision, support and motivation to the process.

We have secured funding to contribute to this initiative via Skills Development Scotland.

The candidates? Must be under 25 at the start of the programme. Must want to learn and be ambitious.


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