Personality styles and you

We deliver management development programmes and the starting point is always you. The first module is all about you, your self-development, your training records, your strengths and areas for development, your aspirations, your work goals, feedback on your performance, your likes and dislikes, your current knowledge and skills.....the list in endless and there is a lot of you in there!

The whole point of this is that if you can’t do this for yourself then it’s unlikely you will be able to get your team to do it either! It really is the foundation of everything we do.

To get the ball rolling, we look at personality styles, in a light-hearted way, and we illustrate how that can affect your own behaviour and also how it can impact on others. People are fascinated by this insight and usually want to spend some time on this.

My own background is in psychology and careers guidance so working out what makes people tick and what they want to do has always been at the centre of our programmes.

Personality Profiling helps you to

  1. Recognise your natural strengths and emphasise them
  2. Pinpoint areas for development and do something about it
  3. Choose a career path most suited to your personality style
  4. Identify the best way for you to learn,
  5. Develop a better understanding of yourself and your motivations
  6. Understand what motivates other people around you
  7. To get the best from your team by playing to their strengths
  8. Improve communication in your relationships

How can you expect other people to know where you want to be if you haven’t spent time finding out yourself?

The results might surprise you!

Be the Best you can be!


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