Scottish Apprenticeship Awards 2018

Now in its 17th year, the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards brings together apprentices, employers and training providers from all over Scotland to celebrate the contribution apprenticeships make to the economy.

Leadership Matters

Effective leadership really does matter. The events of this few months have shown us this, from the Uber Chief taking time out after a disastrous management review to Theresa May losing her parliamentary majority apparently because of her leadership style. And yet… … formal leadership and management development is seen often as a luxury. People get promoted because they are good at what they do.

Driving Leadership CMI

I don't think I have ever got back from anything, especially on a Friday afternoon and felt the need to let everyone know about it. The CMI Scotland conference was excellent with inspirational speakers.

On your marks, get set ... ... Go!

by Margo Findlay, Training Matters Change is part of our every day lives and never more so than in the world of work. Technology has made sure that the working landscape bears little resemblance to the one we grew up with, no matter your age.

Growing Through Education

In IBM continuing to grow through education is key to your success so when the opportunity came up to work with Margo and Roberta from Training Matters I had to oblige! From the very first meeting with Margo I felt so comfortable and at ease – she is a very inspirational lady!

Acquisition of Signal

Our first guest blogger is very special indeed. He was one of 500 applicants and one of 10 to win a place at NASA, scottishspaceschool in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde. His Mum Audrey has worked with Training Matters for over 10 years and our mission statement “Be the Best you can Be” is in her DNA. Alastair Stewart has thrown himself wholeheartedly into this opportunity and we are all very proud of him. Mission accomplished

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills… … can be used in every single leadership and management area and can make a real difference to your own performance and therefore success.

Give yourself a break…

We are urged to try innovative ways of doing things especially in our world of leadership and management. We are bombarded with tips and hints on how to be better at what we do. We set goals, targets, make plans and genuinely try to achieve everything we set out to do. I put my hands up and say that I find all of this as natural as breathing. But sometimes I do think we should stop and rethink where it is we want to be.

Be the best you can be…

I used to say it to the children as they left for school and continued when we started Training Matters.

Senior Managers - Are You Behaving?

Behaviours that as managers we should have embedded in our DNA.